Chris Lee


Chris Lee

I spent much of my life transforming technology and teams in the corporate world.  For some time now though, I've been more focused on transforming amazing individuals, through my speeches, my music and my motivation coaching.

I've been fascinated with mental processing and mind performance long before the terms "mindset" and "biohacking" were invented.  Even back in grad school I studied cognitive psychology and neural networks.  I am pleased to see these concepts gaining popularity under the umbrella of mindset.  I am also embracing and teaching to importance of the mind-body connection as well as getting in touch with your best primal self.

In addition to my years of experience of corporate speaking and team building I've have had the pleasure of studying motivational and mindset coaching under some amazing mentors and thought leaders including:

  • David Bayer -Mindset speaker and coach, author of Mind Hacks
  • Jason Goldberg
  • Patrick Scwherdtfeger
  • Joel and Natalie Rivera -Transformation Academy
  • Ed Rush
  • Franziska Iseli -Amplify coach and "talkability" marketer
  • Franklin and Jennifer Russel -Client Mastery program
  • John Beade -Speaker and Mount Everest climber
  • Joel Erway